You may find out how challenging it may get when you are negotiating for a cell tower lease. It may be even more difficulty if it happens that you and your legal representative have got no understanding of the telecom lingo. You won’t be able to determine the actual cell tower rate you are receiving is the prevailing fair market. You may also find out that most of the attorneys are not knowledgeable, as it may seem to be in regard to the contracts of tower leasing. They may also be having limited knowledge for bargaining for more money in regard to the cellular carriers. When it happens that this is the case, then various issues may arise and may include;

  • You might be forced by the cell company to agree on their terms, but later on be unhappy about it.
  • Your attorney may completely decide to push you out of that deal
  • May be the cellular company has decided to move on so as to negotiate in another location.

In all of these situations, as it stands you as the owner you are not getting a lease agreement that is fair. The facts in regard to the mobile tower leases rates, most of the time the cell phone providers prefers to keep the tower owner always in the dark. You will always find out that their site acquisition contractors always receives a substantial bonuses just for having implemented a lease for the cellular tower that is below the prevailing fair market price. The leasing agent will be able to receive a higher bonus if the terms of the lease are favorable to the cellular carrier. When trying to get the best cell tower lease rate, you may find out that these particular agents will have to get a higher pay, when they negotiate a contract that will pay you less.cell site builtSince we are living in an economy, which is dominated by capitalist, this has become a common practice in the various fields. In this lucrative business opportunity, there are some issues that you need to understand so as to be able to get the best tower rates as it regards your property.

The comparative lease myth: As is always the norm, most of the landlords and property owners will have to ask a specialist in the cellular site to help and give the rates, which are comparative in the cell tower in their area of locality. They usually take this as very important when calculating the fair market value in regard to their cell tower lease buyout. Also, many cellular companies in comparative pricing so that it can be used to convince you that you are actually asking for too much use comparative pricing.

The bare truth in this matter of leases is that majority of the leases for mobile towers which were done earlier on, were actually negotiated poorly and as a result the owners had to receive rates and terms that were awful for their property.