grassGrass seed costs are rising and many people are wondering what that means they should do. A lot of
people do not want to pay for expensive grass seed, but they also do not want to settle with grass seed that will be ugly, hard to maintain, and short-lived. Is it better to go with the more expensive seeds that you like or settle for cheaper seeds as costs rise?

One solution to your problem may be to check out a grass seed wholesale company.When you buy wholesale grass seeds, it is usually cheaper because the company is making a big profit for a bunch of seeds rather than a smaller profit off of very few seeds. If you cannot find a place to get wholesale grass seeds, then you should definitely check online because there are a lot of places that do sell wholesale grass seeds.

If you do not have the budget for the most expensive seeds, then the choice is easy because you flat out cannot afford the good quality grass seed. The problem however, is that cheaper seeds need more maintenance and you might not actually save money in the long run because maintenance costs can get really expensive too. Below are some of the issues that occur with cheaper seeds.

  • They die because they are less resistant to disease
  • You will have to buy a lot more fungicide
  • Your water costs will go up because they need more water
  • The quality of your turf will decrease
  • Your turf area will not be as dense as it once was

Because of all of those negative consequences associated with cheaper seed, you are probably better off making an investment in good quality grass seed varieties because they will result in much cheaper maintenance and will be less stressful and last a lot longer. Your turf will also just look a lot better because it will be of much higher quality.

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