This week we will be highlighting two great courses or resorts that provide the perfect setting for great golf trips in Myrtle Beach. Whether you are taking a golf trip with the guys or you want a romantic golf vacation with your spouse, these two courses are the perfect setting for the occasion.

Wachesaw Plantation Club

Myrtle Beach, SC does not have a ton of private golf clubs, but Wachesaw is one of them. This top quality golf course is one of the dreams and is frequently referred to as the best or one of the best in a popular golfing area that has more than one hundred courses.

This premium golf course was crafted by Tom Fazio, an internationally recognized designer of the best golf courses. Golf trips to this uniquely designed course will have you inspired by the area’s natural beauty and elevation. Tom Fazio took advantage of the location, and you can tell that the elevation changes were embraced in the design. With such a great design, you can bet that this golf course has received a lot of awards. From being included on the “Best in the Myrtle Beach Area” list in Golf Digest to being recognized as one of “The Best Courses in South Carolina” by two well-known golf publications, this course is not running low on awards.

You may be wondering how you are supposed to go on a golf trip to a private golf club. The best way to get into this private club is to book your golf trips through a company that puts together golf vacation packages. These companies have special pull in the areas that they work in, and a lot of the packages include these more exclusive courses.

River Landing Golf Course

The other golf course that we are highlighting this week is the River Landing course. This course is open to the public, but it still has that “inclusive” feel. While not technically located in Myrtle Beach, it is right outside of the area making it the perfect course to play while on your way to your resort. The property has two 18 hole courses, so you could play a game on the way to Myrtle and on your way back home as well!

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The course is kept in wonderful shape using the best soil and grounds management techniques. Because of the high quality of the grounds, the course has hosted a lot of US Open qualifiers.

Since the course is public, you do not necessarily have to book your golf trip through a golf trips provider, but we would still recommend looking at your options because you may find a really good deal on this course if you book through a golf package company.